Our Story

It all started with a big orange tree located south of Castroville, Texas on my bow hunting lease. Every evening as I made my way to the deer stand to make the evening hunt, I would grab a ripe juicy orange off the tree. During the hunt I would toss my half eaten orange out the window of the deer stand. To my surprise, I started to watch deer eat the pulp from the orange. This took place for two long years before the light bulb suddenly came on! 

I then began to spend countless hours trying to produce an all-natural mineral grade formula that smells and tastes like oranges that deer would find irresistible. Through hard work and determination, I was able to develop a formula that has given hunters and wildlife enthusiasts a product that absolutely drives deer crazy.

What's even better is we are able to grow our own corn on the 1,000 acre farm we operate today on the nutrient-rich grounds of Rio Medina, Texas. With the help of family and great friends, we are producing a revolutionary deer attractant to help young and seasoned hunters alike make precious memories in the field all while helping them harvest that wall-mounted trophy of a lifetime.

Michael Haby
Founder & Owner

The Orange Corn Formula is now Patent Pending



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